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In the same way that what we watch and surround ourselves with contribute to our emotional, mental, and physical state, so too does what we read.


As unusual as it may sound, books have an energy all their own.  Many readers have told me that they found my works because "It just called out to me as I scanned the bookstore shelves."  I've also had a number of people tell me something to the effect of, "Your book literally fell off the shelf and landed at my feet.  There was no one else around, and no reason for it to fall.  When I read it, it was exactly what I needed at that time in my life."

I don't claim to know the exact way these things happen.  I just know they do.  I've experienced it with books that went on to change my life, and you probably have as well.

In my efforts to help you feed your spirit with a healthy dose of inspiration, I've put together the following list of inspirational books.  Some are my recommendations.  Others are recommendations from Big Five for Life coaches, or others on the Big Five for Life team.  Enjoy!


Illusions:The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah


The Hidden Messages in Water


For One More Day


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