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Frumi Barr Profile
Big Five for Life Coach - Frumi Barr


Name: Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr

Newport Beach, CA  USA

Languages I speak:

Type of Big Five for Life coaching I do:
Individuals and Organizations

E-mail address:

About Frumi Rachel Barr, MBA Ph.D.

Frumi's PFE:  To feel safe, loved, inspired and powerful in the world and to unlock those opportunities in others.

Frumi has had a distinguished career history with over 25 years of entrepreneurial and financial management experience. Her vast experience in dealing with rapid change in the permanent whitewater of today’s business environment coupled with a strong financial background provides unique, collaborative support to CEOs and Business Leaders of numerous companies in diverse industries.

As a veteran entrepreneur, Frumi has founded or has been a partner in several companies holding position as CEO or CFO. Her breadth of experience in manufacturing, service industries and direct marketing equips her with hands-on experience in the trenches to benefit her clients.

Frumi’s passion is to be a catalyst for change for leaders and their teams. Indeed, when clients work with Frumi they can expect a positive “Frunami”. Leaders spend focused attention on their financial results, on both internal and external communication and on alignment between their business “why” and their personal PFE. Frumi inspires leaders to rediscover the strengths and values that energize them so that they in turn can renew their colleagues, employees, and business operations.

Frumi has successfully managed to raise four children while founding and managing five (5) businesses. She has proven that she can walk her talk and lead a balanced and fulfilling life while managing the needs of growing businesses and family.

Frumi has multiple certifications including the Big Five For Life. She is a certified Hudson Institute coach and is certified in multiple assessment instruments, conflict resolution and mediation and as a NetSpeed Leadership Corporate Trainer.

Frumi’s Big Five for Life:
Create the “Institute for Finding Your Why”

Engineer a movie about The Writings of Wallace Wattles

Achieve Mastery in SOGR

Talk to audiences: Successful Leaders Start With WHY

Enduring relationships

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