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Susan Bock Profile
Big Five for Life Coach - Susan Bock


Name: Susan Bock

Huntington Beach, CA  USA

Languages I speak:

Type of Big Five for Life coaching I do:
Individuals, Couples, Business Partners, Groups

E-mail address:

Why am I proud to be a certified coach using John’s material?
Because I absolutely believe in his message and every client benefits in his or her own unique way.

His methodology is totally aligned with my approach to coaching and that is the power is in the questions.  This is your adventure, your journey and you have the answers.  As your coach, I ask the questions that will provide you the adventure of a lifetime.

What results can you expect from our coaching time together?
For some, it is a breakthrough thought, idea or awareness that completely shifts their perspective.  For others, the results emerge gradually.  Either way, you can begin to feel differently about yourself, your life, and your journey, within a matter of days.

To live a ‘Museum Day’ life and inspire others to do the same.

Big Five for Life:
-Travel to a new destination each year

-Rich and fulfilling relationships with my family

- Inspire people through my writings, presentations and interactions to deepen their self-awareness

- Take 4 weeks vacation each year

- Experience living in the state of mental, spiritual and physical health




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