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Tip of the Week Archives

Every week I email a free tip, technique, or strategy to help you with your PFE and Big Five for Life endeavors. 



The tips are short, to the point, and cover a wide range of subjects.  

For example, sometimes they are about leading the Big Five for Life way, other times they address a major challenge people have asked me about, and other times they deal with a specific element of finding, fulfilling, or funding your Big Five for Life.  

To sign up for the tip of the week, use the sign-up form on the right. We value your right to privacy, and we will never sell or share your email address with others, nor will ever send you spam. Unsubscribe instructions are included with every tip.

Some examples of previous tips are listed below.

Your Box of Free Time Has Arrived - Creating Time to Fulfill Your Big Five for Life and PFE

Have you ever said, or heard someone else say something to the effect that- when I have more free time I will do more of what I really want? 


I hear that all the time from people as it relates to their Big Five for Life and PFE.  It is as if they are waiting for their Free Time to suddenly show up in a box one day.  Hey, my Free Time has arrived.  Now I can finally do what I want instead of all this other stuff.


The truth is, the box of Free Time never shows up.  We create it.  A simple way to ease yourself into that creation is to dedicate just five minutes per day to your Big Five for Life and PFE this week.  Do a little web searching on it, read just five minutes a day before or after your lunch break from a book on it, spend five minutes before you go to bed writing down your thoughts, or watching a DVD about it.


Then each subsequent week, add one more minute.  If you keep that up, by year end, you will have eased your way into a life-style where you spend almost a full hour per day on what genuinely matters most to you.


From there, you can decide how fast you want to add additional minutes.


The Free Time box won't be showing up this year.  Good thing you can create your own.


I'm Struggling.

Your life is a direct reflection of where you focus your time, energy, and attention.  If you don't like your current state, change your focus.  If you've had a bad day, week, or even year, take a few minutes and write down what you spent your time on.  Then compare that to your Big Five for Life list.  You'll find very little synergy between the two.  That's why you feel the uncomfortable feeling you feel.


This happens, don't spend a lot of time dwelling on it.  It's all part of the game.  To get yourself back to a state where you are having a good day, week, and year, re-align your time, energy, and attention with your Big Five for Life. 


Here are two quick ways to do that.  First, put a new picture of something related to your Big Five for Life up on your bathroom mirror.  Glance at it when you are going through your morning activities.  Second, dedicate five minutes per day, starting today, to you and your Big Five for Life.  Research something about it on the web, read about it in a book, share your ideas with someone else.  Start with the five minutes, and let it grow from there.


Remember, everyone trips, that's not a problem.  The problem is if you don't get up.



Hit the Re-Set Button on Life 

One of my favorite, and most effective techniques for re-setting my mind when I feel overloaded, is to go outside at night and look up at the stars for five or ten minutes.  I live in a place without a lot of lights, so on a clear night, you can see lots and lots of them.


Have you ever been in a place where there are not external lights at all, and you can really see the stars?  It's an amazing sight isn't it?  The sky seems absolutely packed with them.  Even more amazing is the fact that what you and I can see with our eyes on one of those nights is only about 3,000 stars.  To put that in perspective, within our galaxy alone there are more than 100 billion stars.  We have 8 planets and 55 moons in our solar system, so if you use our solar system as a proxy for each of those stars, that means there are 6.3 trillion stars, moons, and planets floating around up there. 


So what you see on a perfectly clear night, is just .00000005% of everything in our galaxy.  Amazing isn't it.  Mind-boggling even, don't you think? 


I find that helps put some perspective around the size of my problems.


Oh and by the way, you know how all those stars you can see are just .00000005% of everything in our galaxy?  Astronomers believe there are well over a hundred billion galaxies beyond ours.



Do I Really Believe That? 

That's not true.  I can't do that.  It's not possible.  We're not safe here.


Our beliefs drive our actions, or our non-actions.  Beliefs like the ones listed above.


Back when we were busy hunting and gathering our way through existence, this probably worked pretty well, because our beliefs were based on our actual experiences.  Today, not so much.


The other night I was watching a television show, and I had the realization that all kinds of my beliefs come from TV, the movies, newspapers, books, and what other people have told me.  Entire versions of reality in my mind have no genuinely honest basis.


Seriously.  Think about it.  What are your beliefs about gangs? People from China?  What it's like to live in a ghetto?  How easy or hard it is to become a millionaire?  The cost of traveling the world?


How many of those beliefs are based on actual experiences you've had?  How many are based on non-biased, very reliable, non-commercial, informative vs. entertainment, sources?  How many are based on the exact opposite of that?


The reason this is worth noting as it relates to our Big Five for Life, can be summed up in a great quote by Henry Ford- Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right.


Before we write off something as possible or not, it's worth asking ourselves what source has led us to believe what we currently believe about it.


If you want to make some serious headway toward your Big Five for Life today, write down five beliefs you have about why you can't go do, see, and experience your Big Five for Life this week.  Then figure out where those beliefs came from.


Powerful stuff.



What is the Meaning of This? 

I'm not sure my life has any real meaning. 


Maybe it was just a random act of sperm meets egg and nine months later out popped a little me. 


Have you ever felt like that?  If so, I can relate.  For many years as I struggled with life, I struggled to see how my existence could have any significant meaning behind it. 


Then one day it hit me.


If I find what feels like my Purpose for Existing, my PFE, and I figure out my Big Five for Life, and then I live my life to fulfill those, then by default, I will have given meaning to my life.  And what has meaning, can no longer be meaningless. 


How astounding that after searching for so long for someone or something else to prove that my life was meaningful, it ends up that I get to do it.



Now is the Perfect Time to Take a Step Toward Your Big Five for Life 

My buddy just emailed me.  A year ago, after going through a fasting retreat in Bali, he became passionate about the medical benefits of fasting.  This was during a five month backpacking trip through SE Asia, which was on his original Big Five for Life list.  Another part of his Big Five for Life is to help others, and he identified this fasting passion as one of the main ways he wants to fulfill that.


After coming home for about six months, he has now headed off to the Philippines to work at a center that is putting together some of the most advanced fasting protocols in the world.  For example, if you have diabetes, cancer, or shingles, what should your fasting program look like?  How long should you fast, what juices are best to drink, etc.


He was invited to go there after dropping an email to the guy who runs the center.  They swapped some messages back and forth, shared some philosophies, and next thing you know, there was the invite.  Now he is paying $4 per day to stay in a really nice bed and breakfast in a beautiful mountainous region of the Philippines, and helping create these cutting edge protocols. 


Let me re-state the highlights. 


- He found a vehicle he was passionate about for helping him fulfill one of his Big Five for Life. 


- He wrote someone an email.


- Now he is paying $4 per night to live in a really cool place in the Philippines (total daily expenses around a whopping, $8 per day, including food and other spending.), and he is doing things that fascinate him each day.


What are the big lessons for all of us here? 

#1. The universe is poised to help us with our Big Five for Life.  We just need to take a little action that is in alignment with our heart. 

#2. We don't need to wait until we are millionaires to do it.



 Tip of the Week
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